hastings prince edward land trust

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust is to work with landowners, our community and other conservation partners to assist in protecting our heritage including wildlife habitat, connecting corridors, wetlands, woodlands, lakes , rivers, streams, scenic landscapes, farmlands and sugar bushes.

Contact information
Address: Box 20042, Belleville, ON K8N 5V1
Phone: 613-966-7196 or 613-962-9337
E-mail: info@hpelt.org
Website: http://www.hpelt.org
Year Founded: 1997
Adopted S&P*: Yes
Full-time Staff: 0
Number of Members: 74
Primary Land Types: Hastings and Prince Edward stretch from Algonquin Park to the shores of Lake Ontario. This extensive area includes typical Canadian Shield forests and the rich biodiversity of "The Land Between" which separates the shield from the limestone plains to the south. Extensive wetlands exist throughout the area. Of special interest within our area are alvars, prairie remnants, and the marshes on the shores of Prince Edward County.
*indicates adoption of the 2005 Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices
Province-Wide: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Heritage Trust
Watershed: Quinte Conservation (CA)
Local: Prince Edward Field Naturalists, Quinte Field Naturalists, Bancroft Field Naturalists, Friends of the Black River Watershed
Acres Conserved
Province Total Owned Under Easement Other
Ontario 590
King Rail
Rallus elegans
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Henslow's Sparrow
Ammodramus henslowii
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Juniper Sedge
Carex juniperorum

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Small White Lady's Slipper
Cypripedium candidum
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Eastern Prairie Fringed-Orchid
Platanthera leucophaea
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Photo: Elizabeth Learmouth